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Suki Soho based in Soho London sources the highest quality design in boho style handbags and accessories from around the world particularly South East Asia. At Suki Soho we pride ourselves in taking regular trips to meet and work with exceptional designers and manufacturers to discuss our customers needs and requests so we can ensure the highest quality and design in all our designer handbags. Suki Soho also works very closely with the traditional Banjara  tribal women across India that enables Suki Soho to provide one of a kind exclusive unconventional and artistic designs across some of our handcrafted handbags. Suki Soho is a one stop shop for those looking to achieve the ultimate boho infused look. We specialise in Clutch Bags, Tote Bags, Beach Bags and Handbags.

Banjara is a traditional gypsy tribe originating from Pakistan and Afghanistan that have now settled in Rajasthan India. Often you will see Banjara bags made from the most colourful pieces of cloth taken from the traditional Banjara dress.